What is boils down to is... 

I'm a fun loving guy who is in love with life and everything it brings. My wife Paola and son Lucas, keep me motivated, my son keeps me youthful, my extended Iron Dragon Family reminds me of my purpose and together, every portion of my life keeps me Happy, Fulfilled, and Youthful. 

I look forward to having you become a part of my Iron Dragon Family!

We all can't wait to see you soon. 



Iron Dragon Fitness Oath

By filling out this form, I agree that I will not let procrastination stand in my way. I will put forth the effort to achieve my fitness goals. I will wholeheartedly pursue the gains I've so desperately wanted. Mark, I give you every unconditional right to torture me in my best interest, to push me when I stop pushing myself and to make me pay for thinking about quitting....