When you commit to the endeavor of commencing a personalized training program with Iron Dragon Fitness, you are taking an Oath to not allow anything to take you off of your path to the goal you set. 

Our Mission is to Build a Customized Fitness Program that will help achieve your specific goal. We will apply our over 30 years of personal training experience, which allows us to work with any level of client fitness, to help each client reach his or her goals while remaining affordable. 

Customized rates are provided as each client that enters our gym arrives with different goals and timelines in which to achieve them. Stop in and let's discuss your goals, develop a strategy and get started!

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Iron Dragon Fitness Oath

By filling out this form, I agree that I will not let procrastination stand in my way. I will put forth the effort to achieve my fitness goals. I will wholeheartedly pursue the gains I've so desperately wanted. Mark, I give you every unconditional right to torture me in my best interest, to push me when I stop pushing myself and to make me pay for thinking about quitting....